Wanted: Answers from reliable source 
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 Wanted: Answers from reliable source

I enjoy the sun alot. In the last ten years I have been getting "bumps" on my skin. They
appear to be fluidless. The best I can describe them they seem to be inside out pores.
If I cut one off its bleeds forever. I'm getting them on my face, neck, shoulders. My
father had them, was told by a doctor not to cut them off. He doesn't know what they are
either. In the last 5 years the have doubled in numbers.

I sweat alot. I mean more than most. I haven't gotten any answers from the doctors I've
seen. I haven't seen a skin doctor, can't afford it. The bumps appear to concentrate
themselves in parts of my body that sweat more than others.

Any ideas?


Wed, 27 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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