ACTION ALERT - Call Congress to Protect the Endangered Species Act 
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 ACTION ALERT - Call Congress to Protect the Endangered Species Act

        Call Congress for the ESA: Tuesday, July 11

The Endangered Species Act, an American accomplishment which has brought
back the bald eagle and protects rare plants which produce lifesaving
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Everyone who supports the ESA and endangered wildlife is asked to "Call
Congress for the ESA" on July 11.

        The Capitol Hill switchboard is (202)224-3121;

Call and ask for your Representative, and then deliver the message, "The
Endangered Species Act protects Us; vote for a strong ESA."

A vote in the House of Representatives on legislation which would
cripple the ESA is expected in mid-July, and "Call Congress for the ESA"
is a national campaign to tell Congress that the American people care
about protecting wildlife and the habitats we all depend on.

Since Richard Nixon signed the ESA in 1973, this Act has been one of the
most effective environmental laws in the world, not only bringing back
the bald eagle from the brink of extinction but saving such other
species as the brown pelican, the gray whale, the peregrine falcon, the
American alligator, and the sea otter.

But if the public doesn't speak out, this national accomplishment will
be lost.  Efforts by special interests to undo the progress of 23 years
under the ESA have resulted in a bill now before the Congress which
would essentially repeal the Act.  Legislation introduced by Rep.
Richard Pombo (the "Pombo ESA bill") which would cripple our nation's
efforts to protect wildlife will be voted on by your Representative

"Call Congress for the ESA" on Tuesday, July 11; most Congressional
offices are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time -- make your voice

                                        #  #  #
Roger Featherstone
Endangered Species Coalition
National Grassroots Coordinator


Mon, 22 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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