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             Look for cure ( possiblely pineal body cyst)
             Wed, 28 Jan 1998 20:21:39 -0600

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  My daughter is nine{*filter*} now. But she can't enjoy her life as most
girls of her age do because she has been ill for years. I am desperatly
looking for information that can help our daughter to live a normal

Below are part of her medical history and major symptoms.  she had her
first period when she was 11. It was regular between she was 11 and 14.
It has been irregular. she has experienced functional womb bleeding from
then on. We tried both oriental and western medical cares. But the
work. She has had anemia for a long time. She has also experienced
tinnitus, weakness and moving slowly.  During the past four year. She
felt paroxysmal and instant weakness in her hands. She urinates
frequently with a little difficulty.Her defecation is hard and dry.
During the past one year. Her right leg has become obviously weak, her
leg muscle had been very tense, and she experienced cramps in her legs
from time to  time. Her right arm swings not in balance when she is
walking. When she sticks her tongue out, it inclines to the right.
are the results form her brain MRI examination:  There is an irregular
by T2 shade with clear edge in the pineal body area. The shade is smooth
so far. Its size is about 17mm by 26mm . The main vein of her cerebrum
pressed so that it partialy closed up. The rest of her brain system is
good shape.  After injecting some medicine (for the MRI exam), nothing
new was found in the pineal body area.  Diagnose so far shows that it is
a pineal body cyst.

  We will sincerely appreciate it if anyone can answer or provide
information about the following questions:  

1. Are the patient's symptoms caused by pineal body cyst? if not ,
   does anyone know what kind of disease can  cause such symptoms?  

2. Does anyone know any cure to the disease that causes these
   symptoms no matter it's because pineal body cyst or any
   other reason?  

3  Is there any other safe and effective means to cure
   pineal body cyst bedides brain sugery and directional extraction?

  Please reply as soon as possible if anyone aroud the world can provide
and information. It will turn a 19 year old girl's life around.  Help

        Great thanks in advance.

 Sheng-Rong Cai

Wed, 26 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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