RFC: Fasciculations Count Vs Treatment 
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 RFC: Fasciculations Count Vs Treatment


            I am asking for requests for comments,
            for a vitamine type trial for the treatment of ALS.

            Has anyone thought about counting fasciculations vs
            Especially Vitamin type treatments.
            If anyone would like to try and keep a daily count of their
            fasciculations, "Maybe a statisical sample for one hour a
day ?"
            along with what ever vitamin they are trying.
            I will keep an overall tally. And post it back to the

            Some vitamin treatments I think are worth trying are

            Zinc complex

            You will probably have to go on and go off the vitamin
            to see if there is any change in the count?.
            I have no idea for what period to try ?.
            And keep a measure of the amount that you are taking and the

            period too.

            I have a personal theory about Mercury(Hg) being stored in
the body
            as Zinc would be. Because Hg and Zn are in the same position
on the
            periodic table, and therefore probably have similar chemical

            If a person gets stressed or sick and needs to use the
stored Zinc supplys
            For say CuZn-Di{*filter*}ase you may actually get CuHg-Di{*filter*}ase
?, which
            probably wont do the same thing as the Zn kind, and
therefore cause problems.
            That is why I have suggested taking zinc above.
            I dont think leaching Mecury from you body is a good idea.
            Or Removing your fillings, but just keeping a good suply of
zinc up.
            If you try and leach the mecruy from your body you will
probably also
            leach the zinc too. And your body will try and uses its
stroed supply.

            I am not a doctor, or a neurologist, or a chemist, I am
actually an
            electrical engineer. I  understand that the current
profesional belief
            is that mecury does not cause ALS, and is not associated
with it.

            But no cause has yet been found for 90% of ALS so far.

            Yours Sincerely
            Michael Mckeon.

            Any comments would be appreciated.

Thu, 14 Aug 2003 19:25:16 GMT
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