the 7 angels and their names? 
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 the 7 angels and their names?

"Could someone please tell me the names of the 7 angels?"

Joe, not Harold, says:

When you ask the names of the seven angels, I presume that you mean
the seven archangels.  Only Michael and Gabriel are identified by
name in Scripture  For the most part angels and their cthonic
counterparts, demons, labor in obscurity.

However, the seven are listed along with their assigned functions
in the Book of Enoch.  Enoch is an Apocryphal work, but it carries
a greater degree of authenticity because Jesus quotes directly from
it.  The Archangels are, according to Enoch:  "...Uriel, who is over
the world and Tartarus;  Rapael, who is over the spirits of men;
Raquel, who takes vengeance on the world of luminaries; Michael,
who is set over the best part of mankind, and of Chaos; Saraqael,
who is over the spirits who sin in spirit; Gabriel, who is over
paradise and the Serpents and the Cherubim, and Remiel, who is over
the wise..."(XX)

Enoch also names the angels of Chapter 6 in Genesis who fell from
heaven and had "...relations with the daughters of men..."  Most of
these angels fade into obscurity, but one is of particular
interest.  Azazel, is the angel to whom the Israelites are directed
to make a sin offering in Lev 16-22, the origin of the Day of
Atonement.  Enoch tells of Uriel, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, who
complain to the Lord of  Azazel.  The Lord agrees, saying, "The
whole earth is him ascribe all evil..."  Azazel is
punished by being bound and gagged and buried alive (immortals can
never die) in the "nethermost parts of Egypt."  He escapes somehow,
and becomes a minor demon the the Apocryphal Book of Tobias, and
gains even more fame as the evil protagonist as Blaty's Exocist.

Clearly, angels, stars, planets and comets are often interchangeable.
In Enoch XVII-XXXVIII the protagonist is shown, "...the prison for the stars,
and host of heaven...and the stars which roll over the fire are they ...
that did not rise at their appointed time..."  The Epistle of Jude, remembers
the same event,  "...Angels who did not preserve their original state, but
forsook their abode.  He has kept in everlasting chains...wandering stars
for whom the storm of darkness has been reserved forever."

The prophet Amos tells us that the Israelites did not sacrifice to
the Lord during the desert wanderings, bu that they "...carried a
tabernacle for your Moloch, the star of your god..."  Jerome, who
compiled the Vulgate version of the Old Testament, identifies this
idol as the Brazen Seraph constructed by Moses.  Remarkably the icon
remained an object of veneration for more than three hundred years
after the Amos anathema, throughout the reigns of David and Solomon
and Hezakiah, until the time of Josiah.  The image of the Brazen
Serpent is still with us as the insignia of the medical profession.

Lucifer, the "light bearer, the son of the dawn" is also known as
the "daystar."  Jerome equates Lucifer and the Brazen Seraph as
emblematic of the planet Venus.

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