Getting Bob Forrest's MS 
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 Getting Bob Forrest's MS

Here's the story on Forrest's book, versions 1 and 2.

Version 2, the hardback one, is published by Stonehenge Viewpoint, 800
Palermo Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.  In my opinion it is over-edited,
and the result is pre-digested, bland.

Version 1, the stapled-together xeroxed, home-made version, is splendidly,
opulently untidy, a sprawling maze of an opus, a smorgasbord of uneven
arguments that range from nit-picking to strong as a wet goat.  Bill
Rudersdorf, who is recently back online, has reminded me that the copy I
have was actually _acquired_ from Bill ("Sourcebook Project/Science
Frontiers") Corliss.  The Rudersdorf has volunteered to pursue the
destapling and xeroxing, and possibly scanning and posting the whole thing
on the internet, if and when Mr. Forrest is contacted and his permission

for a few days while my already satisfactory computer gets souped up.
Merry Christmas to all!

Mike Skupin

Thu, 10 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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