Don't Let Them Bury Flag Fen 
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 Don't Let Them Bury Flag Fen

Flag Fen is an invaluable archaeological and historical resource, used
by schools around the country. Described as one of the most
significant and important Bronze Age excavations in Europe, this 3,000
year old Bronze Age site is in dire need of major funding. Since being
opened to the public in 1987 the number of visitors has risen and the
site now attracts up to 18,000 people a year, Self sufficiency could
be reached with 35,000 visitors annually. All of this though could be
to no avail, because unless 92,000 can be raised by June 30th 1996,
Flag Fen will be re-buried.

The Heritage Lottery Fund specifically excludes assistance for
archaeological excavations and yet there seems to be no other
direction that this amount of  money could come from in such a short
space of time. English Heritage, a goverment funded organisation, used
to provide a grant of 100,000 a year but unfortunately this grant has
now dwindled away to just 7,000 a year. It would be nothing short of
criminal to let this discovery be re-buried but it could be the only
way to try and preserve something for future generations.

                    Some Flag Fen Treasures:
The largest pre-historic sacrifical site unearthed in Europe this

A human skeleton, believed to date back to the late Iron Age.

Britains Oldest Wheel

Eight swords, seven daggers, two swords, spearheads

Bronze Age helmet, 100+ pairs of brooches

A complete toolkit containing 14 chisels.

The list goes on, but how much more is still hidden, waiting to be
discovered. Unless money is found, and soon, we may never know.

Flag Fen can be found at


Sat, 24 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT
 Don't Let Them Bury Flag Fen

Truly folks this is an excellent place to go for the day. THey have a wide
range of exhibits and people WHO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT

Any ideas on how to get funds for this place gratefully welcomed.

(No I do not work there)

Incidentally is it true about the sacrificial dogs?


Tue, 03 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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