Review of the film ""Kilian's Chronicle", repost from alt.native 
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 Review of the film ""Kilian's Chronicle", repost from alt.native
With all the HD traffic (maritime, equine, hieroglyphic...) this group
has endured, I thought that some of you would enjoy this, particularly
the smarmy type who just dropped in and thinks that "precolumbian contacts"
of necessity means a dismissal of the L'Anse aux Meadows site.

Note, the Natives who were involved in this effort are thus far (knock on
wood), substantially less critical of the re-working of their contributions,
than in most contemporary film events having to do with indigenous themes.
Minor reformatting for ease of reading. Enjoy!

   "Kilian's Chronicle"-- the story of an Irish slave in the 10th century
who escapes from his Viking captors on the shores of North America and
learns the ways of local Native Americans--will have its premiere Maine
showing at the Skowhegan Cinema, Court Street, Skowhegan on Wednesday,
March 15th at 7:30 P.M.

   The inspiration for this film came from archaelogical, textual and
mytho-folkloric sources. Recent excavations at L'Anse aux Meadows in
Newfoundland have revealed not only a complete Viking village but also the
remains of">food stuffs that could only have been gathered in a warmer
climate, further south, in Nova Scotia or northern New England.

   Icelandic scribes wrote of contacts between Nor{*filter*} and Native
Americans in "The Greenlanders Saga" and in the "Saga of Eric the Red."
Now that the archaeological evidence has corroborated the written
accounts, the first recorded chapter of the history of this continent can
be pushed back five hundred years before Columbus's arrival.

   According to the sagas, when the Vikings first landed they sent two
Celtic slaves out to explore the region, thereby making those people two
of the first recorded Europeans to set foot on these shores. That segment
of the sagas, as well as other sections dealing with the Norse encounters
with Native Americans, have been recreated in this film. Events are viewed
through the eyes of Kilian, the name given in the film to one of the
Celtic slaves.

   Pamela Berger, a professor of art history and film at Boston College,
wrote the screenplay, co-produced and directed the film.   Barbara
Hartwell, a Mashantucket Pequot tribal member and Councilwoman, was the
film's executive producer and was involved with "Kilian's Chronicle" since
its inception. She did archival research, participated in the complilation
of the bibliography, and arranged for interviews with Native American
elders.   Working with scholars and Native American consultants, she
helped shape the script and provided inspiration for the conception of
several scenes.   She aided in both the casting process and the editing,
in order to insure that a balanced perspective was preserved throughout.  
She also helped put together the final package that financed the finishing
costs of the film.   Considerable time and effort was spent making the
movie as authentic as possible.

   Wayne Newell, Passamaquoddy tribal member and assistant principal of
the Indian Township Reservation elementary school, Princeton, Maine,
served as a language and music consultant to the film and will attend the
Maine premiere.

   The Boston Sunday Globe review said "Cambridge filmmaker Pamela Berger
makes an appealing blend of adventure and gentle drama, as the title
character deals with a vengeful rival and finds love with an Indian woman.

  A film suitable for all ages."

   Persons wishing more information on the film or its distribution may
contact Lara Classics, Inc., 9 Merrill Street, Cambridge, MA  02139, Phone
(617) 401-7387

Kitakitamatsinohpowaw (I'll see you again),

                --Eric Brunner

Tue, 24 Jun 1997 08:40:33 GMT
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