More information on the ancient Baja burials 
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 More information on the ancient Baja burials


INAH has posted their complete report on the ancient Baja groups
double inhumation burials. The dead were placed in a pit in a funeral
bundle, and once decomposition was advanced, they exhumed the body and
sectioned it for re-burial. They believed they were relieving the dead
of suffering by sectioning the body in this way. INAH has been
carrying out the study of these burials since 1991 at different Baja
sites including El Conchalito. Some of the burials go back to 300 CE.
They placed a bed of shell over the original funeral bundle with
charcoal and soil and sand. They believed the interred were not really
dead, so they were still in pain. Once the remains were dug up and
sectioned and placed back into the burial pits, they acted as
guardians. These groups were known as the Californio people and they
moved about from one burial site to the next because they believed the
dead could not be abandoned.
Many stone tools were also found in the pits.

INAH has the report here;

A tiny URL;

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