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 Fillings - alternatives (UK)


I've been told that I need some treatment for some cavities I've got on my
back teeth top and bottom. Excuse the lack of technical details but I've
not got a clue about anything medical.

The problem here is that I have huge panic attacks with either injections
or gas & air. Which is not good. So far I've got by with a technique called
visher (sp? - possibly fisher) sealing which consisted of a plastic type
resin being set onto the teeth to fill the cavity.

However, I'm told I'm too old for this now, or that that type of treatment
is not suitable for the cavity. One of the two - was having a bit of a quiet
day when I was being told because of the shock :-)

So, my question is this. Apart from the obvious, what other treatments are
available to someone like me?

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Mon, 06 Oct 2003 20:50:58 GMT
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