I agree - take Standard Process pills for great results! 
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 I agree - take Standard Process pills for great results!

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Subject: Re: Baiting and swishing
Date: 17 Apr 2001 18:33:02 GMT
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>Date: 4/17/01 6:32 AM US Eastern Standard Time

>So what to do? If we say nothing, then JanDrew gets her way, and God knows
>that I would never want JanDrew to GET HER WAY with me!

This is how shallow Joel is. He is here to argue. I am here to tell people
happened to me in the hopes that no one ever need suffer as I did.

Serious illness is not a game.



Oh I agree Jan.

If your immune system is no good, then CHECK THE TEETH!!!!! Dr. Jerome can
SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!! and you can eat some Standard Process pills dispensed
by your "health care provider" (not a Medical Doctor either). Then you can
take some epilepsy pills because the amalgams are now gone! Jeesh.


What happened to going to a good internist for polyneuropathies?

Apparently Jan does not recommend that! Its anti-dental hocus-pocus.

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