Duplicate radiographs 
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 Duplicate radiographs

I had another new patient present to my office for treatment yesterday.

She hands me an envelope with her (and her husband's) most recent
radiographs in it.

I open the envelope and extract the film labeled with her first name (no
last name, date or name of office creating the image).  I slide the film up
on my view box (I notice the view box still works).  I am immediately glad I
did not think ahead and have my staff scan these images onto the hard drive
for viewing on the computer software.

I "think" the radiographic survey may have been a fairly decent one, but I
may never know. The images are so dark as to useless.  I can barely count
the number of teeth from this image.  Then, I notice that there are no
restorations at all on these teeth.  The mouth I had just peeked into, had a
few crowns and a lot of amalgams.

A little minor detective work and I find the previous office merely labeled
Mrs. X's first name on Mr. X's image and vica versa.  BUT,,,,,,neither image
was the least bit helpful.  I can not help but wonder "why bother making the
copies and sending them if they are going to be so bad?"

I always have insisted on seeing any copies of patient records sent out from
my office prior to mailing.  My staff has gotten rather tired of me
insisting they re-do copies until they are legible and attach a note if the
image will not copy well.  The note will offer to "lend" the actual image if
it is absolutely needed.

All patients are entitled to whatever information we have stored on these
images.  They can never have the actual image, but a copy is always
available.   I just don't understand why some offices think nothing of
sending out images that reflect so poorly on themselves.

We all lose patients from our offices.  Some patients move, some die, some
change insurance plans, some lose interest in their teeth, while others
don't like the music we play over the speakers (or our dress, mannerisms,
breath, etc.)  The work we have already done in their mouth and the records
we forward is like sending a brochure of who and what we are.  It can
represent us poorly or very well.  I have actually (on more than one
occasion) had patients return to my office after seeking care closer to
home, because of the new Doc's reaction to my work or the patients reaction
to the new office (cleanliness, promptness, etc.)

I just don't understand why any office would want to be represented by
images like these.  It is such a pleasure to receive full records from the
previous Doc that are legible and useful.  Plus, I then suspect that this
patient has been treated well by their previous office.

Dr. Steve

BTW, this new patient comes from a local "large dental clinic".

Sat, 01 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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