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Subj:  Re:Disability definition please
Date:  97-03-13 19:53:44 EST
From:  Jawcracker      

         Disability is an alteration of an individual's capacity to
meet personal, social, or occupational demands, or statutory or
regulatory requirements, because of an impairment. This refers to an
activity or task the individual cannot accomplish.
        Impairment is a medical issue which is a deviation from normal
in a body part or organ system and its functioning. Permanent
impairment is one that has become static or stabilized and is unlikely
to change in spite of further medical or surgical therapy.
        The evaluation and rating of a TMJ impairment can be graded as
             1. disk derangement
             2. range of motion
             3. surgery
             4. diet

             Ex. A person has a total joint replacement of one joint,
can open to 22mm with 5mm lateral excursions and is limited to a soft

Joint reconstruction       20%

Limited opening              7%

Limited lateral                3%

Soft diet                        8%

Total impairment           38% of whole person

          (from AMA's Guides to the evaluation of permanent Impairment
and Recommended guide to the evaluation of permanent impairment of the
TMJ, Phillips, et al)

Subj:  Re: stats
Date:  97-03-13 20:06:39 EST
From:  Jawcracker      

       Up to 75% of non-patient {*filter*} population have one sign of
joint dysfunction
       33% of persons have at least one symptom
       joint sounds occur in about 50% of non-patient pop.
       women to men ratio up to 9:1
       Temporomandibular disorders are often remitting, self-limiting,
or fluctuating over time.
       Despite the large percentages of the population having signs
and symptoms, only between 5-7% actually need treatment. Nevertheless,
it is estimated that 17,800,000 work days are lost each year for every
100,000,000 full-time working {*filter*}s.

      (from Oro{*filter*} Pain - Guidelines for assessment, diagnosis, and

Thu, 25 Sep 2003 01:49:44 GMT
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