Parents beware: Cavities are "catching" 
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 Parents beware: Cavities are "catching"

From San Diego Children's Hospital's website:

> Cavities are catching.? New research tells us that cavities, which are a
> bacterial INFECTION, are actually 3catching.2?Babies are not born with
> cavity-causing germs.?They get the bacteria from their parents and caregivers
> through sharing foods and drinks.?That makes it very important for parents to
> not share foods or eating utensils to reduce the possible transfer of cavity
> causing germs to young children.?It1s also important for parents to brush and
> floss daily and get any cavities they have treated -- to reduce the amount of
> cavity germs in their mouths.?

No more of "one bite for you, and one bite for me" -- Old days, old
ways, cavity causing activities -- they're taking away all the fun!!!  

TW  :-(

Mon, 04 Jun 2007 03:22:18 GMT
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