Free Mouthguard Poster & Statement Stuffers 
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 Free Mouthguard Poster & Statement Stuffers

You can help prevent some of the estimated 5 million avulsed teeth due
to sports injuries this year...

     Its hot off the press and it's free...the PLAYSAFE sports
mouthguard wall poster.  This beautiful four color 16 X 20 inch poster
is designed to increase awareness for the need for dentist prescribed
{*filter*}sports protection. The poster is suitable for framing and will
aesthetically enhance your wall space.

     In addition a free package of 100 PLAYSAFE statement stuffers are
also included for use in communicating the importance of sports
mouthguards in preventing {*filter*}trauma.  These materials are a
supplement to the free reception room patient education brochures that
have been offered previously.  A free reception room looped video will
also be completed by year end and if you are interested in obtaining
this educational program as well, please advise.

     To obtain the poster and stuffers without cost or obligation,
please E-mail Glidewell Laboratories with your name and address at:

     Wishing you a pleasant Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Glidewell Laboratories

Sun, 10 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT
 Free Mouthguard Poster & Statement Stuffers
Ok. I'll bite (no pun intended).  Send the mouth guard stuffers to David
S. LEvitt, DDS. 11180 Warner AVe. Suite 251 Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Sun, 17 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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