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 JanDrew's post and Joseph Goebbels

Gee JanDrew. This is quite an authoritative source your are quoting.
What does Joseph Goebbels have to do with vaccines? No wonder
no one takes you seriously.

Joel M. Eichen, D.D.S.

The beginning .... http://www.***.com/

Shoot First and Ask Questions Later
Scientific Fraud and Conflict Of Interest In Vaccine Research, Licensing &
The 2nd International Public Conference on Vaccination 2000, Arlington
By Michael Belkin ? Sept 10, 2000
In Business School, (Organizational Behavior) we studied what can happen to
organizations that suffer ethical management breakdowns (such as Johns
Manville with asbestos, Owens Corning {*filter*} implants, etc.). Nothing
illustrates the syndrome of management ethical failure more clearly than the
current scandal faced by Firestone and Ford.

And the ending ..........

But it's not funny -- the reality is that these vaccine mandates are being
rammed down the US public health system by the CDC and ACIP and are being
imposed at the local level like the US is ruled by some Vaccine Gestapo. The
agenda for recent CDC and vaccine industry conventions has had numerous
panels on "How Can We Communicate Our Message to the Public More
Effectively." Obviously the CDC, ACIP and National Immunization Program
(NIP) are extremely concerned with brainwashing the public to keep
vaccinating no matter how defective the vaccines are and how many kids die
or become autistic.  Personally I think that's the wrong message and they
ought to stop killing people and destroying lives. But if the CDC wants to
communicate their message more effectively, as a management consultant I
have a suggestion. They need a more charismatic front man. I suggest they
get someone like Joseph Goebbels -- propaganda chief of the Third Reich to
go out and carry the CDC-ACIP-NIP message to the airwaves.

SHOOT FIRST AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER!  Joseph Goebbels - Nazi Propaganda
Chief - Third Reich
Proposed New Media Relations Manager - CDC, ACIP and NIP

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