lip blister, not cold sore? 
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 lip blister, not cold sore?

I'm hoping if anyone can tell me what is this blister is on my lip.
couple months ago, I experienced tingling sensation on my upper lip
(it's on my lip, not outside of lips) and felt that spot swelling up
with white tip in just few minutes. then it didn't hurt nor bursted, I
just felt itching sensation and it was gone within a few hours.
yesterday, I felt same thing again at the same spot and it swelled
again same as last time , only this time it hasn't gone in few hours
and this morning it's still swallen, and the tip is now red and it's
still itch and feel hot at the spot. It didn't last long enough to
give me any lesion and I didn't feel any pain last time, so I didn't
think that it could be a cold sore. Since it's happened second time at
same spot, I'm a bit concerned.
If this blister goes away within few days and doesn't give me any
lesion, could it be still a cold sore?

I would appreciate any info.

Fri, 03 Sep 2004 23:18:40 GMT
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