Brain abscess from tooth - no need to worry. 
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 Brain abscess from tooth - no need to worry.


Subject: Tooth abscess to brain abscess
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 00:05:28 GMT
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4 or 5 months ago I develloped an abscess in my tooth. My dentist was to
prescribe me antibiotics, but I did not take them (mix up at pharmacy). A
month ago I finally got a root canal(1/2 is done... remaining to be done
this monday). Now, I have been having headaches for about a month or so
now.... The pain is mostly on the back of my head, neck or scalp (tingling
on scalp), but not severe...
Could the abscess from my tooth have gone to my brain (cerebral abscess)? If
so, what are the steps in which this would happen? Someone told me that my
throat would get swollen first, then it would go to my head (not directly to
my head).

Have you seen this happen before? A older dentist friend told me it was
extremely uncommon (he never heard it happen personally) And that the
abscess would have develloped in throat beforehand.

How would this devellop? Would infection occur somewhere else in throat? What would specific symptoms be?

My dentist xrayed me after root c{*filter*}& said everything was fine. Would this
show up on Xray?

Keep in mind my abscess began in end of December and the swelling had gone
down about 2 to 3 weeks later... with some minor discomfort until root c{*filter*}
in March. Second part of root c{*filter*}is tomorrow.

thank you for your time.

This is pretty worrisome.




Dental (periapical) abscesses are encapsulated, meaning "within a capsule."
The abscess can expand, hwever, it is very evident on an x-ray. The dentist
can see exactly where and where not, the infection is located.


Joel M. Eichen, D.D.S.

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