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 Maryland bridge removal

I have some questions which I hope someone could help me with.  In my {*filter*}s
I had orthodontic work done to leave spaces for the
addition of two teeth on both sides of my upper front teeth.  At 18,  two
Maryland bridges were placed which have lasted 10 years.
The metal wings have gradually become detached but more on the side behind
the two front teeth.  It is virtually impossible to clean
between  the wings and the teeth, so to prevent any decay it was suggested
that I have the bridges removed.  I was told that if the
dentist can remove them without any breakage or deformation, they can be
re-used on my teeth and would cost only $80 per bridge.
If on the other hand, they cannot be re-used, the cost for replacing the
bridges is close to 2 thousand dollars for both.
I'm wondering if there are techniques that would help prevent the bridge
from become too distorted upon removal?
Is it preferable that I simply get a whole new set of bridges or even a
different kind of bridge?  My orthodontist has long
retired; can this be done by my regular dentist?

The reason they lasted this long is that I keep the use of my front teeth to
a minimum, which takes away some of the fun bite out of
eating.  There are times I wish my parents had simply left my teeth
naturally spaced.  Is it generally for cosmetic purposes that
someone with fewer teeth gets bridges, or are there potential problems that
can result from having small gaps between teeth?
I can never go back and undo the orthodontic work, but if ever I have
children and they end up with the same problem I'd sure
like to know if this kind of 'problem' of spaced teeth can simply be left
alone.  Thank you for any help on the subjects.


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Mon, 22 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Maryland bridge removal
It is too bad that money is a factor as today, implant therapy would be
preferred to the Maryland Bridge.

Mon, 22 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Maryland bridge removal
Dear Angela,

It all depends on your bridges, their condition, and the skill of your Doc
(skill is the least important).  I would say that you might get very lucky
and re-use the bridges.  You are lucky that your Doc is at least willing to
try.  I would suggest you do not start unless you are prepared to re-make
new bridges.  Ten years for "Maryland" style bridges placed with the bonded
cements available back then would be good.  You next set may last much

Prepare for the big bill, it may never come.  The only way to remove the
bridges is to either cut them in pieces, or tap them with a "crown-puller"
(similar to an autobody shop dent puller).   I have seen reference to using
ultrasonic scalers to help loosen the retainers, but I have never had good
luck with that technique.

Best wishes to you,

Dr. Steve

Tue, 23 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Maryland bridge removal
BINGO!   but now that they other teeth have been probably damaged by decay
doesn't a nice all ceramic bridge sound even better?

>It is too bad that money is a factor as today, implant therapy would be
>preferred to the Maryland Bridge.

Fri, 26 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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