Bovine parotid SAVED JAN DREW'S LIFE!!!!!!!! 
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 Bovine parotid SAVED JAN DREW'S LIFE!!!!!!!!


Subject: Re: Seriously, how did you obtain all of this expertise?
Date: 26 Mar 2001 01:29:37 GMT
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>Date: 3/25/01 4:50 PM US Eastern Standard Time


>Date: 25 Mar 2001 18:49:38 GMT
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Joel wrote to Parent,


>>Please enlighten the dentists! How is orthodontic science obvious to

>When a child's profile seems to be indented precisely where the headgear
>used.(her teeth held back into her head)
>It doesn't take a scientist to see the damage done. Even a dentist who
>helped do the damage can see what happened.
>all Though he may never admit, it  becouse it  may cost him dearly.

Jan's reply:

Which is very telling of how Joel thinks and conducts his life. I believe
instructed us to tell the truth............PERIOD.


Then Jan, please explain how Bovine Parotid Extract, which is what you are
taking, an over-the-counter preparation, has saved your life? After all,
look at the ingredients, or simply ask a knowledgeabe professional.

And please stop badmouthing the dentists who are trying to inform you about
normal regular tenth-grade science! This is why so few people have patience
with the anti-amalgam discussions.

Joel M. Eichen, D.D.S.


Those who have excuses are
indeed costing others dearly. But that's OK with some people, as long as it
not their hide.

They had forgotten that one reaps just as they sow.


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