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April 21, 2001

The announcement of the largest series of lawsuits in U.S. history all started
with being tied to a chair and fed beer & popcorn in a small town 150 miles
north of Toronto

"I thought I was going to meet directors from the Canadian Dental Association"

Washington D.C. - " It all started with beer & popcorn in a small town 150
miles north of Toronto, and now the same publicist who initiated one of the
largest Class Action Lawsuits in Canadian history, is going to Washington D.C.
on Tuesday to announce a series of legal actions that promise to make the
tobacco industry lawsuits look miniscule by comparison.
"Had I known what I know today, I would not have touched the mercury dental
amalgam issue with a 10 foot pole. I just had no idea at the time, how sick
people were and what was going to be involved to get their message out", states
Wayne Obie, Media & Public Relations Director and Publicist for Talk

"I first became involved with the mercury issue almost six years ago, quite by
accident," states Obie. " I actually thought I was meeting with the directors
of the Canadian Dental Association about a national public relations campaign.
It was not until I arrived at a log cabin in Huntsville, Ontario, a small town
150 miles north of Toronto, that I realized Dr Richard Riley was not a director
of the CDA, but a new breed of dentist - one that saw mercury for the poison
that it is.
He looked me in the eye and stated, ' Silver Fillings contain over 50 %
mercury. Mercury is the most toxic non-radio-active substance known to man and
here is the proof. People need to know. I don't have any money. Will you help
me?' For the next several hours I drank his beer and ate his popcorn while I
reviewed the information before me. Little did I know then the impact mercury
was going to have on my life for the next several years. I was not prepared for
the shocking discoveries, the reports from the sick and injured, the
statistics, the science and the long, hard,
often heartbreaking road this issue would take me on."

After almost of two years research, Obie presented the case on mercury dental
amalgam a.k.a. 'Silver Fillings' to Toronto law firms, and what appears to be
the largest class action lawsuit in Canada's history, is before the courts
awaiting Federal Certification.

Now Obie is headed for the National Press Club in Washington D.C., on behalf of
'Americans against Mercury'.

'Americans against Mercury' is a coalition of scientists, doctors, professional
organizations, environmentalists, patient support groups and individuals.

Obie is going to Washington D.C. armed with what experts agree will add up to
many hundreds of billions of dollars in U.S. legal actions. It is at this News
Conference that the battle line against the proponents of mercury will be drawn
in the sand.

Neither dentists, associations, state licensing boards, manufacturers or
industrial polluters will be left unscathed by the legal actions and other
initiatives being announced at the 9:30 a.m. News Conference at the Washington
Press Club.

This time the target is not just mercury in dental fillings. It also includes
mercury in medicines, thimerosol in vaccines, and mercury in the environment
that is poisoning our air and water and entering the">food chain.

"What is really unfortunate about this whole situation is that everyone on both
sides of the issue knows just how dangerous mercury is. There is overwhelming
scientific evidence that will be presented at the News Conference on this very
fact. The use of mercury is on government phase out programs around the world.
The issue is no longer about whether mercury is or is not safe. The issue is
all about liability. 'Prove that it was mercury in your teeth that made you
sick and not the mercury from the fish you ate or water you drank that poisoned
you', is the defense. Meanwhile people are sick and dying and we are killing
our environment. There are hundreds of thousands of people needing medical
attention as a result of mercury poisoning and many in desperate need will have
to wait for help while these issues go though the courts. I would really like
to find a way to bring all sides to the table right now, minimize the lawsuits
and start problem solving together. It would be a more beneficial and a cheaper
solution for everyone", states Obie.

NEWS CONFERENCE is scheduled for April 24 at 9:30 A.M. in the West Room of the
National Press Club in Washington D.C. Full media kits will be provided to all
accredited members of the press.

Media Inquiries:
Wayne Obie
Media & Public Relations
Americans against Mercury
Toll Free North America: 1 (800) 540-0192
Overseas (705) 788-7330


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