Periostat Capsules?? 
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 Periostat Capsules??

Doing some research on the net I came across this. Sounds too good to be true.
Is it?? Thanks!

First Capsule For {*filter*} Periodontitis, Periostat, Available in U.S.

Periostat is the first medication specifically indicated for the
treatment of periodontitis to be made available to patients through
their pharmacies. A capsule taken twice a day over a period of months,
Periostat is prescribed by the periodontist or dentist following SRP.

Clinical studies have shown that Periostat administered after SRP
improved clinical attachment level by up to 52 percent and reduced
pocket depth by as much as 67 percent compared to SRP plus placebo.
These benefits were observed as early as three months into the study and
were maintained over the nine-month period of the trial.

Periostat is the only treatment for {*filter*} periodontitis that has been
shown to suppress the tissue-destroying activity of collagenase, an
enzyme overproduced by the body in response to bacterial infection in
the periodontal pocket.

Collagenase breaks down the supporting structures (gums, ligaments,
bone) that hold the teeth in place. Recent research has demonstrated
that periodontitis, the leading cause of {*filter*} tooth loss, is most
effectively combated with a treatment approach that addresses the two
key components of the disease - bacterial infection and the enzymes that
destroy connective tissues.

In particular, CollaGenex has developed inhibitors of certain chronic
degenerative processes that lead to the destruction of connective tissue
during inflammation. These inhibitors have shown the potential to treat
a variety of diseases including periodontal disease and inflammatory
diseases of the musculoskeletal, respiratory and gastrointestinal

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