Water Filtration and Water Fluoridation 
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 Water Filtration and Water Fluoridation

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> Date:         1997/07/19

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> The Norwegian Health authorities tell us that "the experts agree that
> caries development is inhibited most effectively by the local effect
> on fluoride. Norway is not fluoridated, and where they previously
> recommended fluoride tablets, they're now saying that fluoride
> supplements are unnecessary if you use fluoride toothpaste regularly.
> They also say that these recommendations are "largely in accord with
> the recommendations given by the WHO and EU". So are you saying that
> they don't know what they're talking about?

Toothpastes are not toothpastes. There are toothpaste for children with
a lower fluoride concentration. There are others for {*filter*}s, there are
also toothpaste for daily use, they contain either natriumfluoride or
aminfluoride and there are toothpaste which has to be used once per
week. If you are using the wrong paste, it wont really protect your
teeth effectively.

As I said its a matter of concentration, the goal is to reach a certain
level of fluoride per day in order to have some protection for the
teeth. If fluoride concentration given by nature is high enough, then
supplementaries are not necessary. Anyway, the fluoride concentration in
nature differs from area to area, from one county to the others. The
only way to keep a same level for the whole population is water
flouridation, which seems to be the cheapeast way.


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