Study - Dentists and High Mercury Levels 
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 Study - Dentists and High Mercury Levels

Ritchie KA, Gilmour WH, Macdonald EB, et al, Health and neuropsychological
functioning of dentists exposed to mercury. Occup Environ Med 2002

A large study at a Scottish University found dentists had higher levels of
mercury in their bodies, compared with a sample group of academics. Researchers
obtained urine, hair and nail samples from 180 dentists in the west of Scotland
and 180 academics from the University of Glasgow. Levels of mercury were four
times higher on average among dentists compared with academics. The levels were
found to be strongly associated with the number of hours worked, the number of
fillings handled and the number of fillings they had themselves. There was
evidence the increased mercury exposure results in adverse effects. Dentists
were 10 times more likely to have sought medical treatment for kidney disorders
and three times more likely to have experienced fertility problems. There were
also more than twice as likely to have suffered from memory disturbances. These
are all problems known to be related to mercury exposure.

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