To Dentists: How do you choose YOUR dentist? 
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 To Dentists: How do you choose YOUR dentist?

I would like to know from any dentists reading this group how you
chose YOUR dentist.  If any of you have moved to a new city, for
example, what criteria did you use to make your selection?  Thanks!


Tue, 30 Apr 1996 06:28:36 GMT
 To Dentists: How do you choose YOUR dentist?


That's really a good question.  I picked my dentist because I got to know him
wile I was a student.  (Whew, 15 years ago!)  I got to know if he had "hands"
which in our profession is slang for if he/she was any good or not technically.
He was and I got to
 know him personally too.  How do you choose?  Well go to his office and look
critically at everything.  His office reflects back on what he is all about.
(Please substitute he/ she where appropriate.)  Is his office clean?  Does the
staff know what they
are doing?  Do they care or are they indifferent.  Is the operatory clean?  Are
the instruments sterilized?  Do they wear masks and gloves?  Are they willing
to show you how they sterilize and clean instruments.  Do they answer questions
directly or are th
ey evasive.  You get the picture.  The absolute best way is still the old
fashioned way.  Ask your friends and use your own best judgement.

Roland Leong, D.M.D.

Sat, 04 May 1996 04:01:13 GMT
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