Fluoride - undiscovered side effect 
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 Fluoride - undiscovered side effect

Are there possible side effects? Perhaps yes. Why not go about proving that
there is some harm if you believe this to be so, instead of just quoting
more and more nonsense. I guess it is easier to blast a product that has
done so much good.

Why do it? Simple.

It is easier asnd more fun to bash the dentists!

By the way, I am glad that the FDA and the CDC are still in charge.


Joel M. Eichen, D.D.S.


Subject: Re: Fluoride Causes Cavities
Date: 10 Aug 2001 14:31:12 -0700
Organization: http://www.***.com/

 : : : For more info
 : : : http://www.***.com/
 : : : http://www.***.com/
 : : : http://www.***.com/
 : : : http://www.***.com/
 : Did you actually look at any of those references?
 : Here are some more:
 : http://www.***.com/
 : http://www.***.com/
 : http://www.***.com/
 : http://www.***.com/
 : http://www.***.com/

 None of them are scientific organizations or journals,
 you're an idiot if you think anybody takes them seriously.

They reference such literature.  Looking at the references
from the top page of http://www.***.com/
there are literally dozens of references to scientific studies.

If you are after material published in scientific journals
there's a wealth of such material pointed to from such sites
as http://www.***.com/

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Wed, 04 Feb 2004 19:13:16 GMT
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