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 Contingency cases


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Date: 22 Apr 2001 04:57:54 GMT
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>>Charlie Ruff, DMD
>>Specialist in Orthodontics
>>I've never heard of personal injury cases not being contingency
>have you heard of male practice?
>ther is a lot you have not heard of Dr. Ruff

If you mean, malpractice, that is a personal injury (tort) and I thought it
always handled on a contingency fee basis.

Do you live in the US?  And you've been told that you have to put some money

If so, that is quite interesting



Hello Charlie!

In the case of ParentTooOften, the attorney would be wise to ask for a LOT
of money up front. It wouldn't be long before we'd be reading about the
lawyer on

Joel M. Eichen, D.D.S.

Charlie Ruff, DMD
Specialist in Orthodontics
Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics

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