Treatment options fo tooth fracture 
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 Treatment options fo tooth fracture

The help that I received regarding restoration options was
greatly  appreciated (post from last week).  Thank you again.
I currently have 3 temporary fillings waiting to be replaced
with Cerec fillings.  Unfortunately, a consultation for a
second opinion revealed fractures on some of the teeth.
Of particular concern is a horizontal fracture along the
outside part of one tooth, which causes pain while chewing.
There is no sensitivity to cold or heat, simply from pressure.
I was wondering what opinions (favorable or unfavorable)
you might have on any of the following options.  I realize
that each dentist has his or her own biases, but any ideas
are welcome and much appreciated.
1- Targis
2- CerecII crown
3- Belleglass
4- Empress
or other

Thank you.

Sat, 11 Oct 2003 05:19:25 GMT
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