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 Baiting and swishing


Subject: You should all be ashamed of yourselves (cc'd to some privately
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 12:42:18 +0800

I used to occasionally read but now find myself trying to
identify pleasant postings among a a sea of {*filter*}and off topic nonsense.
Nobody is helping anyone (ok not totally fair but that's the impression I

Dentists do yourselves and your profession a favour by not allowing
yourselves to be baited. If your advise or opinions aren't taken well just
don't bother responding to futher posts ... having the last say and then the
next last say and then the next last say (you get my drift) is pointless.


Hi Karen,

Here's the problem. A patient comes in and tells me to yank the tooth. "No
way, I can do root c{*filter*}therapy."

 "No good," the patient says. "I read on the internet that JanDrew said that
it is poison

to your immune system. If you have a bad immune system, CHECK THE
TEETH!!!!!! etc."

So what to do? If we say nothing, then JanDrew gets her way, and God knows
that I would never want JanDrew to GET HER WAY with me!

To the public that do nothing but criticise the dentists and argue with
their opinions please take your comments off to somewhere private.

.... like a desert island ......

While I
respect you too have your right to disagree and to express your concerns,
once they have been expressed let them drop ... you aren't going to change
anyone's mind.

My concern is that this was meant to be a place where dentists could share
ideas and the public could come to ask a question (as limited as it is
without an onsite {*filter*}examination) to perhaps put their mind at ease
regarding their local practitioners diagnosis. If I were a patient seeking
advise and came here for the first time you can bet I'd be pretty reserved
about leaving a message thanks to all this childishness. We see nothing but
verbal fighting between a public wanting to abuse dentists with often
anecdotal evidence and egotistical dentists that just have to have the last

... Hey! Its the internet, not the New York Times ......

Start respecting each other or shut the <bleep> up ... PLEASE.


Ok let's try this ... the big anecdotal fight over the years has arguably
been the amalgam issue. I'm really confused as to why this is even an issue
any longer. Today I have in my practice materials that are reliable,
conservative, indicative, more aesthetically pleasing and while they take a
little longer to complete, I charge more for them. I've heard the arguements
against composites and while they might be more difficult, when done
correctly I don't experience any problems and nor do ANY of my patients ...

MODBLXYZ build-ups are less reliable in white than in the silvery stuff
...... amalgam is still fantastic material ....

composites are technique sensitive ... so improve your techniques (dam, good
preparation, caries detector, rehydration of the dentine, curing thin layers
with a good powerful light, etc) and your selection of composites (I use
Esthet-X, Filtek and PrimeNBond NT) and everyone will be happy. As a guide,
composites should cost twice as much to the patient as amalgams.

How about when the patient comes in with a tooth that is 7/8th amalgam and
the 1/8th part which WAS cusp has just sheared off? Do you tell the patient
root c{*filter*}therapy, post and crown? Of course we do. The dude says, "Pull
it." Then I reach for the amalgam ..... Too many denture cases out there
already in he US ......

I don't do amalgams ... but not because I have an opinion for or against a
mercury issue, because I find composites a better choice.

Cool, me too.

want their amalgams removed I'm more than happy to oblige them once I've
told them of the associated risks's all about choice and informed
consent. I would not offer to replace amalgams unless they were overly
concerned about aesthetics. I would not offer amalgam as a choice for new
fillings ... if I'm really really concerned about strength I'll suggest all
porcelain crowns/inlays.

$-$-$- We have too many people filing for bankruptcy already .....

ask for amalgams I'd suggest why I
think the newer materials are better but it is still their choice ...
however I have to admit nobody ever _asks_ for new amalgams.

Quit arguing about amalgams. Patients if you don't like them then don't get
them or ask for them to be removed at your own risk.

Right. This was JanDrew's first advice at SMD .....

be happy

Don't worry ... be happy ....

and get on with your life. If
you don't well hey you lost some cash but at least your teeth look better.
It's your choice. Dentists if your patients have their opinions then give
them yours and let them make their own choice or refer them to someone else.
Get yourself on to some Aesthetics courses and learn better composite
techniques ... if you find they are too tricky for you then refer patients
who don't want amalgam to someone else .. don't criticise because of your
own limitations.

Amalgam should not be an issue any more in the modern dental practice ...
perhaps we could discuss something more relevant ... like leeching?

Dr Karen Anderson BDSc

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Sat, 04 Oct 2003 19:32:52 GMT
 Baiting and swishing


>Date: 4/17/01 6:32 AM US Eastern Standard Time

>So what to do? If we say nothing, then JanDrew gets her way, and God knows
>that I would never want JanDrew to GET HER WAY with me!

This is how shallow Joel is. He is here to argue. I am here to tell people what
happened to me in the hopes that no one ever need suffer as I did.

Serious illness is not a game.


Sun, 05 Oct 2003 02:33:02 GMT
 Baiting and swishing
And neither is offering false medical/dental advice.



> Serious illness is not a game.

> Jan

Tue, 07 Oct 2003 19:47:45 GMT
 Baiting and swishing


>Date: 4/20/01 6:47 AM US Eastern Standard Time

>And neither is offering false medical/dental advice.


Oh I agree, it's about time the ADA quits doing this.


>> Serious illness is not a game.

>> Jan

Wed, 08 Oct 2003 10:22:34 GMT
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