Canker Sore question 
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 Canker Sore question

I get canker sores a few times a year.
Sometimes its from hitting my cheek with the toothbrush, or biting my
cheek while chewing.
Sometimes, I just get it.
I usually just endure the pain for a week and then it usually heals.

But I got a canker sore and it has not gone away.  Its been 10 days now.  
So I was wondering:

1. I went to the store and bought Colgate Orabase, in the hopes of
covering the sore so that it can heal.
I THINK I might be bitting it a bite while sleep, since my lip seems to be
swollen on that side when I wake up in the morning.
Is this a good product?

2. I went on webmd and looked up canker sores, and it says that if its not
better in 7-10 days then see a doctor.
What types of problems could this be an indication of?
What possible reason could there be that it has not healed after 10 days?


Fri, 11 Mar 2005 12:56:26 GMT
 Canker Sore question
As you suggest, you may be re-traumatizing the area. See a dentist for
diagnosis and treatment. Their are new prescription medicines that can be
helpful. How's your girlfriend doing?
Pat Buss RDH

Fri, 11 Mar 2005 23:07:32 GMT
 Canker Sore question
: As you suggest, you may be re-traumatizing the area. See a dentist for
   I HOPE that is the case.  Itusually lasts for 7 days, but now its the
12th day.  I hope its nothing more serious.
What else could it be?  It is definetely a canker sore, so I guess this
time its just a little worse.
I am not sure if I can see a dentist, in other words, I am not sure how my
medical insurance will handle this visit, since it is not my twice a year
cleaning or a filling.

: helpful. How's your girlfriend doing?
   She is good.  Thanks.  I saw that Joel brought my thread back to life.
Its funny all my questions/thoughts about it, and it was all for nothing.
She was sent to a periodontis for the wisdom teeth.  She told the doc what
happened and he wrote a perscription for antibiotics.

But I understand what you all said about antibiotics, I have a friend who
is a doctor and he uses antibiterial soap, he writes out antibiotics for
himself and friends if anyone has a cold (does no good though) or sore
throat, etc.  Not the right thing to do.

Fri, 11 Mar 2005 23:52:48 GMT
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