Soft mushy gum after skin 2 skin grafts 
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 Soft mushy gum after skin 2 skin grafts

I had a receding gum on my 2nd to last top back tooth. I had a skin
graft to cover the receding gum and it was great for 8 months. Then I
started getting a funny taste. The skin graft became soft and mushy in
my mouth. If I touched it with my finger it felt the same as the other
side. But with my tongue it is very soft. The taste runs from bitter to
sometimes sweet. Anyway after 5 months I had the {*filter*}surgeon re-do the
skin graft. I still have the same problem. Then I had the tooth pulled
and the graft removed. I still have the soft mushy skin and taste in my
mouth. I take vitamin C and B complex. I've tried several natural
healing medicines. Has anyone ever come across this? My dentist and
surgeon are totally baffled. They know it is not in my head but they
can't tell why the gum is so soft and mushy. Please anyone know of
someone or yourself that has had this, or what can be done? Thanks.

Sat, 20 Dec 2008 20:42:23 GMT
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