Ongoing upper jaw problem 
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 Ongoing upper jaw problem

About 15 years ago, I got into an accident and I broke my nose in several
places and broke my upper jaw such that my front four teeth were imbedded
into the roof of my mouth.  An {*filter*}surgeon fixed the damage by pulling my
teeth forward.  He said that I was very lucky the teeth survived and I wore
a splint for two months afterwards.

Since then my front four teeth have been very sensitive to cold and heat.
Brushing with sensadyne has helped throughout the years.  A few times,
however, especially after biting into something cold, the pain would be
excruciating in all four teeth but would always subside after two or three
days.  But this last time, it has been over two weeks and I still have pain
in all four teeth.  The pain has subsided some though and now they don't
hurt all the time, but only when I put pressure on the teeth or on either
side of my nose, well above the teeth.  I'm thinking that I will be fine
after a few more weeks of healing, but I'd rather not go through this again
in the future.  I was wondering if it would be worth it to see a dentist or
{*filter*}surgeon at this time.  I do not have health insurance, so I'm very
concerned with the cost, and have had many bad experiences with dentists in
the past.  Since it seems to be a whole front-upper jaw problem rather than
individual teeth, can a dentist do anything to prevent this sort of thing
from happening again anyway?


Mon, 23 Feb 2004 18:58:36 GMT
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