What am I missing here ? 
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 What am I missing here ?

Hi Folks,
today  I received this lovely spam, but I need someone to explain it to

> Dear Friend,
> We are the original, V Net a with surprisngly new concept for you your son's and
> Daughter's or maybe a , Niece, or Nephew. It could be just someone you love.
> This is about learning and we offer it in a way never before offered with the
> exception of those who we know are trying to spam you with what was our idea in
> the first place.
> 1.Premium membership is $10.00 each month. HERE IS WHAT YOU RECEIVE:
> Four amazing words for each month plus four interesting articles to read. All
> tansactions are through the, U.S. Mail.
> NOTE: If you live outside the,United States please add $1.00 to all memberships.
> Please take note we only use the, English language.
> STANDERD MEMBERSHIP: is $7.00 per month and includes four words per month
> plus one article each month that we hope you find interesting.
> We of course are a legitimate business and NOT a chain letter or in relation to such
> {*filter*} actions. You can pay for one month or for a year. There is no obligation at
> all. If you do not want what  we have to offer, then stop paying, because we do not
> want a unhappy customer!
> Plain and simple.
> We do need you to do us a faver and tell us a little about the person who is going to
> be receiving this service.
> Please send check or money order to the following address :
> V Net
> 336 Jim Mann Rd.
> Franklin, N.C. 28734
> Please do not send cash. Thank you for your time!

  Am I getting it right ? Sure, my english is conisdered to be
ridiculous, but is this guy really trying to sell me some WORDS ?!?
Words like...fish, house, income tax, boat, car.....for just 10 $ a
month ? What am I missing here ?
And if I buy those words, do I own them exclusivly ? I could get myself
a condo on Maui by selling the rights for "car"....don`t even think
about "amalgam" !!
Please help, I know this is no smd stuff, but it really left me
puzzled....and you are the only people in here I know.....;-)
Please excuse the waste of bandwidth.
Best regards

Thu, 19 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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