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 Zeppo and friends (Harpo, Chico, and Karl)

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Subject: Re: You should all be ashamed of yourselves (cc'd to some privately
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 23:05:29 GMT
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>    Well, let's talk for a minute about your mindset.
>    Where do you stand on organic monomer exposure? Radiation?
Transmission of
>infectious disease?  Focal infection?  Managed care? Dentists with AIDS?
>Periodontists' fee schedules?  Patient eye protection?  Peripheral nerve
>secondary to removal of impacted third molars? What do you think about
beryllium in
>casting alloys?  In short, are you a one-hazard kind of guy?

Zeppo replied,

What did you think about the bullet points?  Did you learn something?
too much? Is professional self-examination so challenging that a knee-jerk
effort to change the subject to the "zealot's" agenda" necessary?  It's much
better to take care of the dentist's ego and attack the messenger and kick
in our faces and bullshit the patient, isn't it?


Sorry Zeppo. I am with Steve on this from a scientific point of view.
You have raised interesting issues but have not "proved" your point.

Joel M. Eichen, D.D.S.

Steve wrote,

>    What makes you come into a newsgroup of professionals and patients
searching for
>help from those professionals and basically tell us we're ignorant,
>people?   What are your qualifications for making this judgement?

Your collective lack of education on the subject demonstrates the
uselessness of


Again, Zeppo, you can use the opportunity to teach us something. Ad hominem
arguments do none of that!



> What are people
>to do with your "bullet points"?

Zeppo mouthing-off again here ...

What do *you* think?  Does the integrity of intellecutal content rest on its
merits or are mind-f****g games such as attacking the messenger really to be
played by those who can't deal with it?  Is a dentist who without education
"anti-amalgam zealots" is ignorant about his own profession's poisoning
someone who has something to contribute to the discussion?

> Are you a lone vigilante or an anonymous
>representative of an organization you haven't named?  Are you an
>dentist looking to drum up business?  Are you a composite resin
manufacturer?  Have
>you studied the toxicology of bis-GMA resins?  Why do you think we would
allow our
>patients to be poisoned?

You like to play stupid don't you?

>  Do you think banning amalgam would hurt dentists?  Just
>where are you coming from?

Do you need an essay on risk on every substance used by dentists before you
read one on mercury?  Is that requirement made elsewhere?

Do you really think people *conspire* to hold particular opinions?  Do you
people *conspire* to be defensive and to rationalize and minimize?  Do you
people conspire to accept what they are taught?  I'm curious why your
idiocy is thrown about here without any disagreement from your colleagues.
Where do *you* get off joining a newsgroup which brings no diagreement to
idiocy from your colleagues.   I'm curious what makes a skilled bullshitter
tick, and I'm intrigued how his bullshitting techniques is enhanced and
developed by the clubs he participates in.

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