Am I getting another Dry Socket? 
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 Am I getting another Dry Socket?

If it does not hurt, I doubt it is a dry socket.

LEAVE IT ALONE ! ! ! ! !

You are probably looking at normal healing tissue.  It turns that color as
it heals.  Do NOT poke at it!

Don't obsess over this.  Leave that to us crazy OCD dentists.  :-)




> Hi, I got a tooth extracted last Monday. I thought it was healing well
> until today when I was eating something and something(well I think)
> got stuck in the hole. I tried getting it out with the sal{*filter*}er but
> it wouldnt come out.

> Eventually I realised it was not food, it looks like bone. It's
> yellowy-brown but when I feel it with my tounge it feels flat, shafrp
> and thin. it covers almost half the hole.

> Is this a dry socket about to happen?

> I dont have a regular dentist anymore. They said I missed appoitment
> even though I cancelled one week in advance.
> I got them to take it out at the dental hospital, which is limited on
> the amount of people they can see.
> Also the local NHS Drop-In centre, the only dental one near me,
> refuses to see me cause I been too many times, so I dont want to get a
> dry socket and be left with nothing.

> I have a two-week unesed prescription for amoxycillen, should I take
> it just incase?

Sat, 24 Oct 2009 20:19:57 GMT
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