Jan Drew's friend's root canal horror story 
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 Jan Drew's friend's root canal horror story

This is sad. A patient needed a root c{*filter*}and look what happened. If you
cruise through the web site. you will note that they are a nice, fairly
normal family. They do not appear to be kooky. How come there is so much
ignorance and obstinance concening teeth?

Joel M. Eichen, D.D.S.


What it says ....

Root C{*filter*}

In November of 1990, I began to notice that my left ear popped every time I
swallowed. In January of 1991, my ear began to feel like it was full of
fluid. By April of 1991, many times I couldn't hear the doorbell or phone
ring. I began going to my doctor. Began getting on antibiotics and
predisone. I might feel better at times while on the medicine, but soon got
to the point, there was no difference. The doctor was not able to see fluid
in my ear, I told him that at times it was hard to swallow. He told me that
nerves could make it feel like it was hard to swallow. (It was hard to
swallow because the infection would cause my throat to swell until it felt
like it would almost close, predisone would open it back up)  It was if to
him I had become a hypochondriac over night. I wasn't one to go to the
doctor unless I had to, my records could prove that. My tooth never hurt,
the nerves to it were about dead. I had bit down on a hamburger gristle and
hurt the tooth a few years before, hating to go to the dentist, I didn't go.
It wasn't wise but the dentist still would have wanted to do the root canal,
so probably the end would have turned out the same. I thought that I was too
young to start losing my jaw teeth. Think about it, how wise is it to keep a
dead tooth in your mouth and that is what a tooth with a root c{*filter*}in it
is. I'm not telling anyone what to do with his or her teeth, just telling my
I do not remember all the exact dates that I went to all the doctors that I
went to. But I do, remember the pain and suffering and how doctors treated
me when they didn't cure my health problems. No doubt there are people who
draw attention to themselves by going to doctors, but after going through
what I did, I wonder how many people are treated as though their problems
are all in their mind, which are in reality very sick. If an abscessed tooth
and root c{*filter*}did to me what it did, how many others out there have
sacrificed being healthy for saving a tooth.
Later on in 1991, I began having gynecological problems. I went to 3
gynecologists. The last one that I went to in October 1993, he gave a name
for my problem (which the others had not done), said that I would always
have it, no cure for it.  Later I was able to call back and tell the nurse
that worked for this doctor that my problem was gone.
I went to 3 ENT doctors, one finally got tired of me and put a tube in my
left ear. He never saw the fluid, I think that he got tired of hearing me
complain about something no one could see.
My children were about 6 and 9 when I first got sick. I would get up and
take my sons to school. Come back lay of the couch, not eat or drink so that
I would not have to get up to go the bathroom. Get up and go get my kids at
school at 3:00 and come back and lay of the couch. I was no good for
anybody.   At times when I was laying down, I felt like my heart was going
to stop beating, it felt like it was under such a strain.  I weighed about
105 when all this started. I began gaining weight, I told the doctors. The
reply was that I was under weight to begin with and was now the weight that
I ought to be.
In September of 1992 I was forced to get a job a Wal-Mart to pay doctor
bills. We were getting letters from doctors wanting their money or else they
would ruin our credit. I didn't feel like living much less working to pay
doctors who did not help me.
In the back of my head behind my left ear, it would feel like something
eating away in my head. My body felt like something was taking over, that my
immune system wasn't fighting off. My vision was affected. Every bone in my
body ached, at times I wondered if I had bone cancer, because they hurt so
bad. Someone could just touch me and it felt like I had been hit.  I wrecked
my brain daily trying to figure out what was wrong with me. The thought kept
running through my mind that I was healthy until that jaw tooth gave me
problems. Doctors would not listen, the dentist would not pull it.
I worked in layaway at Wal-Mart, I had not worked since my kids had come
along. I wanted to stay at home with them, and that is what Kenneth wanted
also. He had worked two and three jobs in order for me to stay home. In
layaway there was a lot of running up and down stairs, I would get so hot,
but could not sweat. When I would get really hot, I would have this white
looking discharge come out of my skin. I would have a white discharge from
my tear ducts. At times, the fluid that doctor's never saw  would run down
the side of my face, after having the tube put in my ear.
At night I would grit my teeth, I couldn't understand what was happening to
my body. I clenched my teeth so tight at night, until I broke the jaw tooth
behind the root c{*filter*}in half. My face would hurt from clenching my teeth so
tight.  I ended up losing two jaw teeth.  I was glad that the tooth broke so
bad the dentist didn't want to try to save it, most of the time they will do
anything to try and save a tooth.  They do not want to pull teeth.
I went to an ENT/allergy doctor who started me on allergy shots. Many times
I felt like a human pin cushion, most times I was too sick to care. Doctor's
just started testing me for everything to rule out illnesses, rather than
find the problem. They drawed {*filter*} for this and would draw {*filter*} for that,
which costs money, but didn't solve anything.
One day my husband called me at work, and told me that he was coming to pick
me up and take me to an herb store. We went and I began taking some herbs,
and could tell a small difference. At lunch one day some friends were
kidding me about the herbs and someone overheard them. This person walked
over to our table and told me that I should talk to a particular person, who
was into herbs. I went home and called this lady, she worked in the clinic
where I had been many times. I told her some of my problems and when it all
started. She asked, "You don't have a root c{*filter*}do you?" When I told her I
did, she invited me to come to her home. She lived within walked distance,
but I drove and I remember running out to the backyard and telling Kenneth
that I had found someone who might be able to help me. I had just about
given up hope. She handed me the article about Dr. Meinig's "Root C{*filter*}
Cover-Up Exposed." It confirmed everything that I had thought. This was
Sunday afternoon, first thing Monday morning I called the dentist office and
told them I wanted an appointment to get the root c{*filter*}pulled.
It was January of 1994, I got the root c{*filter*}pulled and was on the road to
better health. It took several months to feel a lot better, but was able to
see a difference the day the tooth was pulled. I had the infection in my
body so long, it took a while to see a big difference. I still am not 100%
and feel that some of the infection is still trapped in that jaw bone, but
my health is far better than I ever expected it to be. The quality of life
came back. Just about a month before I got the tooth pulled, I told my
husband that no one was worth living for, it wasn't worth the pain that I
had to endure to live. When you are constantly sick and only getting worse,
it is hard to concentrate on anything else. I don't think that I would be
alive today, if that tooth had not been removed. This may be an extreme case
and then again maybe not. Most doctors will not believe it, most dentists
will not believe it, I know it can happen.
I contacted the doctors that I had went to during this 3 years, and let them
know the root c{*filter*}was what had made me so sick. The funny thing about it,
when I contacted them after I was better, some of them admitted that they
had heard of such things. Why didn't they admit it when I was sick instead
telling me that wasn't the problem?  Unless your doctor is one in a million,
he will think you are crazy for believing what I have written or Dr.
Meinig's "Root C{*filter*}Cover-Up Exposed."  I know what I lived and words can
not express or adequately describe, what it was like.   One word that comes
to mind is Nightmare.
This is just a very short article about a very long illness. The purpose of
me sitting down and writing this, is that I hope to help someone out there,
that is sick and wants to get better. Like I have said before, I am not
trying to tell someone what to do about his or her teeth, just telling my
story in hopes that you can learn from my mistakes.  By the way, the tooth
looked good on x-ray, the tooth looked good the day it was pulled, but looks
can be deceiving. If you would like to ask me any questions, feel free to
e-mail me.

Melanie Yarbrough

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the
time to write and share your stories with me.

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