OTC mouthguards and (possible) night-time clenching 
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 OTC mouthguards and (possible) night-time clenching

I've had two cracked molars so far, in my lower-left jaw. They *may*
be due to night-time clenching, or they could simply be because of the
very large occlusal fillings they had before they cracked. However, on
the off-chance that it may be due to clenching, I'm anxious to protect
my teeth during the night.

The problem is, I've no idea whether I *do* clench at night, as I live
alone, and the 'nightguard of choice' - the NTI-SS - is way beyond
what I can afford. In fact, I really can't afford a nightguard fitted
by a dentist.

So I was thinking of one of those over-the-counter models, like the
Doctor's Nightguard.

I know that some people here don't think an all-coverage nightguard
will discourage clenching, but will it protect the teeth from fracture
even if I do go on clenching at night (presuming I'm doing so in the
first place)?

I also thought such a nightguard would at least supply evidence of
whether I was clenching in my sleep - presumably, if I am, there'll be
teethmarks showing up on it after a few nights?

So I'd welcome an opinion here - is this a good way of protecting my
teeth against fracture ?

Tue, 12 Oct 2010 20:16:35 GMT
 OTC mouthguards and (possible) night-time clenching


> So I'd welcome an opinion here - is this a good way of protecting my
> teeth against fracture ?

Probably better than nothing.


Sun, 17 Oct 2010 04:35:27 GMT
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