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 Carbmide Peroxide

I'm new to this newsgroup and not sure if any of you can answer my question.
I purchased the Nite White Excel 2 from my dentist.  Before he dispensed it
to me I explained the my husband and I had stopped using birth control and
where not actively trying so at this point in time we are unsure if I am
pregnant.  He said that this product is safe and should be no problem to
use.  I brought the box home and proceeded to read the "Do's and Don'ts" and
the first Don't is not to use while pregnant or lactating.  I found the
product on the internet and they said that the product was not tested on
pregnant women.  I searched other products with the same ingredient,
Carbmide Peroxide, and they say that there is no know hazard to using their
products.  Since I still have not gotten my period, I have not used the Nite
White and made an appointment with my Ob-Gyn.  I estimate that I am about 4
weeks pregnant.  I will bring the product to her to see what she says.  Does
anyone know of any information on the use of whitening products with
Carbmide Peroxide while pregnant?  Or has anyone used one while pregnant and
could share?

Thank you,

Mon, 06 Oct 2003 13:00:04 GMT
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