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Date: 21 Apr 2001 08:10:18 GMT
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>>It's great that you found some honest lawyers, but if you are in the US,
>>lawyers don't get paid unless they win a case for you.  that's the nature
>>personal injury law.

>There are contigency cases some are not.

I've never heard of personal injury cases not being contingency.  Can you
me more info?

Charlie Ruff, DMD
Specialist in Orthodontics
Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics


I agree Charlie. Almost all personal injury is contingency. There was only
one case on record and all lawyers conform to it.

RECEPTIONIST: "Hey Lawyer Bob. We got ParentTooOften on the phone. That
means the case is a sure loser. What is the hourly rate for this guy?"

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