Frank Jerome tries to help get Dr. Clark out of the hoosegow 
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 Frank Jerome tries to help get Dr. Clark out of the hoosegow

Report by Linda and Frank Jerome Concerning the Imprisonment of Dr. Hulda
The following is information we gathered today from visits to the Brown
County Prosecutor, Sheriff, Clerk's office and the Brown County Democrat
weekly newspaper.
General: Brown County is a small county in south central Indiana. It is
located halfway between Columbus, IN, (our hometown) on the east and
Bloomington, IN, (home of Indiana University where Dr. Clark did research)
on the west. It has a population of about 14,000. Its county budget for all
services is only $3.7 million. Its major city is Nashville, the county seat.
It is a picturesque tourist town attracting hundreds of thousands of
visitors annually. It is next to a large state park and the hilly area is
famous for the fall foliage and the area's quaint atmosphere.

We visited the following people between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. this afternoon:
Sheriff Daniel L. Huesman:
We first spoke with the sheriff, Dan L. Huesman. He explained that they
would not be flying out to California to get Dr. Clark on October 4th, but
would try to drive out by the 8th. He said they have to drive because they
cannot carry guns on an airplane and the pilot has the right to deny
carrying any prisoners on his plane. He said it would be a three-day trip at
25 cents per mile, meals, lodging and the cost of a male and female jailer.
They would rest a day in San Diego and then return to Indiana taking another
three days.

They would stop at night and Dr. Clark would be booked into a local jail
each night. He said he can sue her for the costs. (In some countries they
make the families pay for the bullet used to kill their relative.) In my
opinion, he seemed to consider sending jailers after Dr. Clark a large
inconvenience to what he wants and needs to do and it is concerned about how
he is to pay for it within his limited budget. He says he has to do it if
ordered by the court. He says Dr. Clark will not be in full shackles but
probably in hand{*filter*}(three days!).

Once a warrant is issued, it is served if there is an address but it is too
expensive to try to find someone out of state (according to the Sheriff). It
is entered into the IDAC system so if the person is arrested anywhere for
anything their name comes up and the person is held. That is what happened

Prosecutor James R. Oliver:
We requested to speak with the prosecutor, James R. Oliver, and he sat down
with us and answered as many questions as we had. I used the name, "Dr.
Clark." He stopped me and said (as closely as I can remember) "You need to
be careful about using that term." Meaning to me that she should not be
called a doctor because she is not a medical doctor.

I asked if she had not earned a doctorate and he had to relent. (Dr. Laura
also has a doctorate in psychology and gives advice to 20 million people
every day.)

I asked him why would someone who has been gone from his county for six
years be worthy of the cost of prosecution. He said that "Local people were
injured," "She is continuing to sell products by catalog," "She convinced
people she had a way to cure them" and "She has a little machine hooked up
to a car battery."

I asked him if his wife, Amy Oliver, was the investigator on this case. She
was but they were not married at the time. She works for the Office of the
Indiana Attorney General. He said I could have a copy of the warrant but he
was unable to find it.

He looked here and there in his office and around the small building. He
said I could get one from the Clerk's office. He said that once Dr. Clark is
back (of course, he did not say "Dr." Clark) there would be a hearing in a
"day or two after her return" and bail would be set by the judge.

The Brown County Democrat Newspaper:
The Brown County Democrat is the local newspaper. I spoke with the lead
reporter, John Fleisher. He was unaware of Dr. Clark's arrest. That means
there has been no local publicity. He looked up the election edition of Nov.
4, 1998. It has the Prosecutor saying, "My first priority is victims'

The Clerk's Office:
We went into the Clerk's Office to request a copy of the warrant. They
contacted several people and denied our request saying it is privileged
until the hearing. They did give us a transcript of the original complaint.
It was dated August 16, 1993.

It lists "witnesses" including Dr. Clark's receptionist, Linda, myself, our
receptionist at the time (Betty Bowman), Steve Forney and Rick Jordan (Note
by Bonnie: the last two were acting as undercover agents).

I personally know the last two. Steve Forney has died of HIV or AIDS or
something, but I do not know for sure. Rick Jordan worked for us in a second
business we owned and bought it from us, but has never finished paying for
it. It is now defunct. He and Forney sued us for HIV discrimination and
lost. Jordan also sent us a threatening letter, which we turned over to
police who dealt with it. Jordan's whereabouts are unknown to us at this

Dr. Clark is charged with "Unlawful Practice of Medicine, a Class C felony."
Prosecutor Ben Hoff III, who was the prosecutor at that time, filed it. It
"On or about May 11, 1993, Hulda Clark, not being duly licensed, did,
unlawfully practice medicine by: Holding herself out to the public as being
engaged in:
A. The diagnosis, treatment, correction, or prevention of disease and
ailments of human beings;
B. The suggestion, recommendation or prescription or administration of a
form of treatment;
C. The prevention of any physical, mental, or functional ailment or defect
of any person."

These quotes are directly from the Indiana legal code. When we were still
friends with him, Steve Forney showed Linda a {*filter*} test that said he did
not have HIV after Dr. Clark's treatments.

He quit doing the treatments. When he was dying, he became aggressive and
became an "AIDS educator." He swore he was going to take us, including Dr.
Clark, down with him. (Down is where he probably went when he died!) This
complaint must be part of what he meant.

In another form it states, "It is furthered ordered that bail for the
defendant will be the amount set forth on the warrant." When I asked the
Prosecutor about bail, he said he did not know and that the judge sets it.
This form seems to contradict that. I pressed him on what the amount might
be and he would not give any indication of an amount. Since it states the
bail on the warrant, it might be why the Prosecutor and the Clerk did not
want us to have it.

We will continue to collect information so people in other places, other
countries, can try to understand what is happening here. In America, the
practice of medicine is the strongest monopoly. It has been that way since
the allopathic physicians took control of the laws and excluded all other
forms of physicians. In most other countries, there are many types of
medical practice and people may choose the one that helps them the most. The
medical system will eventually change as it falls apart under the top-heavy
bureaucracy. Even the allopathic physicians will find they are victims of
the insurance companies and governmental units paying the bills. The real
victims are the people who are denied access to individuals who are striving
to find new and old ways to help people.

What Can We Do To Help Dr. Clark?
Tim Bolen, Dr. Clark's newly appointed publicist, recommends that we send
letters of outrage and letters containing stories about "what Dr. Clark did
for me" (please see Success Stories Using The Clark Method at the back of
this newsletter for examples). These letters should be sent to everyone in
the list below (Sheriff Daniel L. Huesman, Prosecutor James R. Oliver, The
Clerk's Office and The Brown County Democrat Newspaper, etc.) as well as
other media.
Dr. William Donald Kelley recommends that we send these letters, one each,
every day for a month or more at least, to each of these people.

Bags and bags of letters should begin flooding into the offices of these

Information about Brown County, Indiana: Population - 14,000. Has a "County
Council/Commissioner" form of Government. The County Council consists of
seven people: Don White, Beverly Kelp, David Rudd, Cynthia Rose, Glenda
Stogsdill, David Critzer and Steve Gore.
Their mailing address is P.O. Box 37, Nashville, Indiana, 47448. Phone (812)
The three County Commissioners are Amy Kelso Couch, James Grady and Randy
Snyder. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 37, Nashville, Indiana, 47448.
Phone (812) 988-5510.
The Prosecuting Attorney's name is James Oliver: P.O. Box 1009, Nashville,
Indiana, 47448. Oliver started office this year. Phone (812) 988-5470.
Oliver defeated four-year incumbent Michael Duckett (Duckett has since moved
to Florida. Phone (954) 784-3583). Duckett succeeded Ben Hoff. Duckett may
be moving to Union County, IN.
Auditors Office is P.O. Box 37, Nashville, Indiana, 47448. The County
Sheriff is Daniel Huesman: P.O. Box 95, Nashville, Indiana, 47448.
The County Clerk is Carmen Altop, P.O. Box 95, Nashville, Indiana, 47448.
This is where public requests for information are sent. Phone (812)
988-5510. Local Newspaper is the "Brown County Democrat" - Mary Wyatt,
Phone (812) 988-2221.

Here is the letter I wrote to all of the name's on Bonnie's list:

Dear Friend,

Thu, 19 Jun 2003 07:42:35 GMT
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