What next, Shop-Rite? 
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 What next, Shop-Rite?

Everybody knows they have loads of Special K over at Shop-Rite. Sheleves
filled with it. Leave the Vets alone!


Thursday, November 22, 2001 Go to: S M T W T F S

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Suspect in robbery of Phila. veterinarian arrested
A Philadelphia man wanted in connection with the June 7 robbery of a
Northeast veterinarian has been arrested in Lower Moreland Township, the
Philadelphia District Attorney's Office said yesterday.
Lamont Seaford, 23, was arrested Tuesday night after a traffic stop on
Pioneer Road. Seaford, authorities said, was driving recklessly and did not
have a driver's license. A check of his fingerprints, however, indicated
that he was wanted on a bench warrant charging him with robbing a vet's
office in the 8100 block of Bustleton Avenue. Authorities said Seaford and
two accomplices walked into the office, asked a 79-year-old veterinarian
about shots for a kitten, then bound him with duct tape. The robbers made
off with the drug Ketamine, an animal sedative used in the making of
"Special K," a designer drug that is often illegally sold at rave parties.
Seaford, who also faces charges in connection with a May 1 carjacking, will
be held in Montgomery County until he is returned to Philadelphia,
authorities said yesterday.

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