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 orthodontic question

My lower canine has alwyas be slightly labioverted and this might be
related to some of the periodontal problems I have had with it.
My periodontist in the US, in my opinion, performed something of
a minor miracle by saving the tooth when it was{*filter*} by a thread
and had a huge hole in it from resorption (there was no decay).
After the surgery, the alignment of the tooth was considerably altered,
just because of the way the thing healed and the way the bone regenerated.
He used a drill to adjust my bite on that tooth and the ones opposite,
since I could no longer close my mount and could not avoid
banging down on it in my sleep. Now it is much imporved, but I still don't
feel comfortble closing my mouth except in one position and I think that
position puts a strain on the joint of my jaw on the side opposite the

I have asked a few dentists and an orthodontist, long before
the surgery, whether it would be possible to correct the labioversion (which is
now much worse).  They all thought of it in terms of removing one of my
lower front teeth and considered it unnecessary.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that there might be another
way: after all, the tooth is crowded from two sides, so
why not move the teeth on the other side? I am referring to
teeth 28-31, the canine being #27. (I know that orthodontists
count differently. I'm counting the way the periodontists I have
visisted count: 1-16 from my upper right to my upper lect, 17-32 from
my lower left to my lower right)? Tooth number 32 was a wisdom tooth and
was removed when I was in my early 20's, about 20 years ago. So there
is room for these teeth to move.

On the other hand, I don't know anyhting about the considerations that go
into city planning inside the mouth.

Mon, 12 Aug 1996 22:00:50 GMT
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