medieval dentistry:4th graders need help 
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 medieval dentistry:4th graders need help

We are a group of 4th graders studying medieval history. We are
comparing the way things were then to now. Did everyone have
rotten teeth in medieval times ? Did anyone take care of their
teeth then?  did they pull out teeth then or did a lot of teeth
just rot and fall out?  It seems that a lot of people ate lots
of meat. How did that affect their teeth?  Did anyone have
pretty, healthy teeth in medieval times?
thanks a lot for any help you can give us on "medieval
dentistry".         Blaise, group manager

Sun, 20 Apr 1997 00:59:29 GMT
 medieval dentistry:4th graders need help

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT
 medieval dentistry:4th graders need help
I have a unusual dental horror story.  My sister-in-law went to a dentist
recommended through Prologue (she ignored the suggestions of her family
in this regard.)  Her chief complaint was a filing that fell out and now
the tooth was sensitive to hot and cold.  Without doing a X-ray, the
dentist recommended a root canal, which he did do.  She was sent home
with a Rx for percocet, no antibiotics.  Three days later her jaw was
very sore, the side of her face was swollen and her lymphnodes were
swollen.  The dentist was unable to see her for at least a week.

His office suggested another dentist who was able to see her that day.  
He claimed the root c{*filter*}was incomplete.  He claimed he completed it and
sent her home with more percocet and an antibiotic.  Five days later she
is still in pain.  The swelling and inflammation is worse.  She went to
another dentist who said she had pulpitis and suggested that the tooth be
pulled.  It was.  She is now on antibiotics, and not any better.

I, know that she should not have hopped from dentist to dentist.  
However, the inflammation is still persisting.  Also I do not know what
pulpitis is?

Also, what do we do now.  I am a nurse, critical care. I know very
little about dental problems.  I have a regular dentist. I do
not feel comfortable with the dentists that my sister-in-law was seeing.  
However, I'm not sure she should see a different dentist for this.
 What do you recommend?

Please address replys to

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Joan Frizzell RN MSN CCRN

Sun, 20 Apr 1997 04:20:25 GMT
 medieval dentistry:4th graders need help

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT
 medieval dentistry:4th graders need help

Beck) writes:

My knowledge of dental history of that era is a bit lame,so I think your
best bet would be the local library and check out the medical/dental
history books,there are a few. Dentists as a profession certainly did not
exist though,most extractions were done by the "barbers" and other self
taught types as was much medical care. Dentistry as a seperate profession
began here in the USA when two physicians with interest in dentistry
formed the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1850 or so,which still
exists as the University of Maryland Dental School.
Much decay in older times,possibly medieval was believed to be caused by
worms,or some such other yukky stuff,once again check the history books.
Decay certainly existed but it was not the problem it became in modern
times(17th,18th century or so). At that time refined sugars were developed
from sugar cane and sweets became popular. Refined sugars are the main
cause of decay and before they came around decay was not as prevelant,but
it has always existed.
A good place to call for information may be the National Museum Of
Dentistry at thr University of Maryland Dental School.The address is 666
West Baltimore Street,Baltimore,Md,21201. They have lots of historical
info,which will soon be on display at bigger digs they are having
currently renovated on the University Campus. Good Luck gang!
Steve DDS

Sun, 20 Apr 1997 08:52:13 GMT
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