^ Need advice on treating numerous dental problems 
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 ^ Need advice on treating numerous dental problems

To practicing dentists out there:

        Hi, I'm a 19-year old male with numerous dental problems, mostly
stemming from the failing to brush and floss adequately in my elementary
school years.  I had a root c{*filter*}done many years ago that was deemed
unnecessary at the time by another dentist, and so I have come here in
search of impartial advice.  The following is a description of my teeth,
as best I understand:

5 fillings present on molars; put in between the ages of 6 and 12 (I
        don't remember exactly when); have had no problems with them.
3 wisdom teeth present; 2 are coming in at such an angle that they must
        be pulled eventually, according to a dentist, in order to prevent
        cavity formation.
teeth somewhat crooked throughout due to dense packing; upper front teeth
        extend a few millimeters in front of lower front teeth
teeth somewhat yellowed throughout due to poor brushing and flossing
gums somewhat unhealthy due to poor brushing and flossing
upper left front tooth was chipped around the age of 8; chip was replaced
        with a small porcelin fragment and root c{*filter*}was done; another
        accident around age 10 forced the removal of the entire tooth,
        which was replaced with a porcelin crown on a metal dowel.  Crown
        has come loose a few times over the years, and is currently on with
        temporary cement.  The white color of the porcelin stands out
        distinctly against a background of yellowed natural teeth.

What can be done to treat these problems most effectively?  I am most
concerned, of course, with the long-term health of my teeth, but I am also
concerned about their appearance, given we do live in an image-conscious
society.  I am covered under ODS (Oregon Dental Society?) dental insurance,
which should cover maybe 50% of the cost of braces and 100% of anything
minor.  Health is a bigger issue than money, though.  I would appreciate
any help, especially detailed advice naming specific over-the-counter
products I might use (e.g. Perfect Smile toothpaste, the Braun automatic
toothbrush) and specific procedures I should have done on my teeth.
Thank you.

Thu, 05 Dec 1996 08:03:54 GMT
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