If your immune system is b-a-a-a-d, try this. 
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 If your immune system is b-a-a-a-d, try this.

Family Celastraceae
Maytenus macrocarpa, M. abenfolia, M. chuchuhuasca, M. krukovit, M.
ilicifolia, others

Common Names in Amazonia
Chocha huasha (shipibo-conibo), Chuchasha, Chuchuhuasca, Chuchuwasha

Principal active biochemicals are sesquiterpenes, nocotinyl, triterpenes,
maytensine, alkaloids

The bark of the chuchuhuasi tree is a famous ethnomedicine in western
Amazonia. It is most commonly used to treat rheumatism, tuberculosis,
bronchitis, stomach ache, and fever. Chewing the bark is considered to be an
effective treatment for diarrhea, arthritis, a menstrual irregularities, and
upset stomach. It is used as a muscle relaxant, effectively breaking up and
dispersing lactic actid.  It enhances virility.  The bark is extremely
bitter which is why it is usually taken as an {*filter*}ic decoction, often
mixed with bee honey.
Principal effects include libido enhancement, adrenal support, and
fortification of the immune system. Traditional guidelines for use of
chuchuhuasi require it to be taken before breakfast for at least a month to
be effective.
In Colombia, the Siona Indians boil (5 cm) of Chuchuhuasi bark in two liters
of water until the decoction reduces to half. This extraction is regarded as
a stimulant and aphrodisiac.
In the lowland rain forest of eastern Ecuador, the Quijos Quichua Indians
use a decoction of chuchuhuasi for rheumatism, aching muscles, menstrual
aches, stomach aches, and general aching.
In Per, chuchuhuasi is prepared by macerating root bark and letting it
steep for eight days in aguardiente (sugar cane liquor).  The resulting
infusion is reputed to be an aphrodisiac.

Medicinal Plants of the Peruvian Amazon
Amazon's Sacred Healing Plants

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