Urgent question - wisdom tooth being removed 
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 Urgent question - wisdom tooth being removed

I am scheduled to have my wisdom tooth out tomorrow.  When
this dentist saw me last week, he said that there was some
infection in my mouth due to this wisdom tooth growing out
 sideways into my cheek.  It has actually cut the tissue in
my cheek area and is basically an open wound (as I
mentioned in my previous message).

Anyway, for some reason he did not prescribe any
antibiotics.  He said that this was not necessary unless
the removal of the tooth was going to be more than a week

So, he is going to pull it tomorrow - Friday, Oct 16 under
just a local.  Will local anesthesia be sufficient for this
type of extraction ?? Will it take deeply enough so that I
don't feel any pain ?  

Please send any recommendations via e-mail as soon as

Thank you,


Mon, 02 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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