New bone repair paste - good for loose teeth? 
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 New bone repair paste - good for loose teeth?

An article in New Scientist dated 8 April 1995 page 22 says that Tom
Brockhuizen of the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam has treated
fracture patients with a new paste that hardens to form artificial
bone in 10 minutes. It is fully biocompatible and bone cells grow into
the solifified paste and the implant is replaced with natural bone.
Unlike cements such as "protein putty" (NSC 18 Dec 1993) the repair
does not deteriorate with time.

The paste, made by Brent Constranz of the Norian Corporation in
California, looks like toothpaste and can be injected ointo fractures.
No invaise surgery to insert pins, screws and other paraphanelia is

Has anyone tried this to repair bone loss in periodontal cases? If so,
is the procedure simple enough for the average dental office/surgery?

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