Gosh. I thought this was JanDrew's formula for amalgam. 
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 Gosh. I thought this was JanDrew's formula for amalgam.

Sunday, April 22, 2001

'Cleaner' coal gets renewed attention
By Seth Borenstein
FORT LONESOME, Fla. - Take dirty old coal and smash it. Add water to make
mud. Pour the mud into a 2,700-degree oven filled with pure oxygen. Voila -
the coal mixture is transformed into a much cleaner-burning gas.
"This is where the magic takes place," said Tom Berry, former chief engineer
at the $650 million prototype electric power plant here, which uses the
process to light up nearby Walt Disney World. "This technology is amazing in
what it will do down the road."


Coal plus mud plus heat? I guess that is amalgam, right Jan?

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