Questions: Wisdom Teeth, Crowns, and related 
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 Questions: Wisdom Teeth, Crowns, and related

>  I should have wrote the teeth continue to move forward whether or not
> the third molars are present.  Why is it that so many older people have
> their third molars and so many dentists now recommend they be pulled?
> Wisdom Teeth that look like they may impact, may right themselves given
> time. Two molars may not be enough to last a lifetime (i.e. Trauma causes
> fracture of second molar)

Your arguments are very logically but medicine isn't everytime logically:
Wisdom teeth make often a lot of trouble for instance inflammations during  
the eruption. If you have such a inflammation a long time you can get  
first swollen lymphatic nodes and second bone destruction in this region  
which makes deep pockets also of your second molar.

Another aspect of the pulling of the wisdom teeth is that they often not  
usuable for bridges and other prosthetic because they have small roots and  
a bad positions for such constructions. It sounds not good for a patient  
if a dentist say: If you lose your first and second molar I have to pull  
your third molar but is often nescesary.

You should listen what your dentist say: If there is a chance using the  
wisdom teeth for prothetic you should do this but if your dentist  
recommend it is not usuable and it can only make trouble you should pulled  
it. Think, if you are older it will be goning not easier.
The decision should be done for every wisdom tooth seperatly!

Excuse me my not so good english!

Best wishes from Berlin



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