Jan spends her time warning people about amalgams ....... 
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 Jan spends her time warning people about amalgams .......

... and ignores the welfare of truly needy children ......

"Oh but starving to death in a bus station is not a problem .... now
if we can only warn more patients about the dangers of mercury
amalgams. I know I did and my life was saved. Find a good alt.dentist
and all of your problems will end !!!!!!!!!!!!"

Posted on Thu, Sep. 26, 2002  

{*filter*} dies, starved and alone
Abused in Pa. and dumped in Fla., 18-year-old found someone to help -
too late.
By Marc Schogol
Inquirer Staff Writer

Abused and starving, Chester Lee Miller, 18, was forced sometime this
month to make a desperate 1,000-mile bus journey from the home of his
mother and stepfather in Hazleton, Pa., to the Florida Panhandle, a
place from which his natural father had earlier sent him packing.

Aboard the bus, in terminal after terminal, town after town, Miller
said, he cried and begged strangers for help.

No one listened.

Weighing little more than 60 pounds, the famished {*filter*}ager with sunken
eyes finally arrived in Milton, Fla., about 20 miles north of
Pensacola, only to be rejected again. There, authorities said, his
relatives shut him out of their trailer home on Saturday and literally
dumped him at an apartment complex.

"He looked like a Holocaust victim," said Janice Goodman, at whose
door Miller knocked, pleading again for help. "I never would have
thought something like this would be in Florida or the United States."

Goodman tried to help Miller, but he was by then beyond help.

Severely malnourished and succumbing to extensive organ failure, the
youth died alone yesterday in a Florida hospital room.

His mother and stepfather, Lyda Miller, 37, and Paul Hoffman Sr., 38,
who were charged earlier this week with aggravated {*filter*} and
reckless endangerment, face additional charges, police said last
night: {*filter*}.

And in Milton, population 7,400, the stranger who took in the dying
boy nobody wanted said her family is trying to raise money for a

"We're trying to at least let him have a decent burial," Goodman said.
"It's the least we can do." A relative of her family has donated a
burial plot.

Though still hazy, the picture emerging of Chester Lee Miller's life
is one of suffering and torture.

Before he died, Miller was able to tell authorities that his father,
Robert Lee Miller, dispatched him to Pennsylvania last year to live
with his mother and stepfather in Hazleton, about 120 miles north of
Philadelphia. He told of being kept mostly in one room, often forced
to stand for hours in a corner, being beaten every day, fed only
scraps of food, and not allowed out of the house to go to school or
see friends.

Charged earlier this week, the mother and stepfather remained jailed
last night under $500,000 bond each. Hazleton Police Chief Edward
Harry said that within a week, investigators would upgrade the charges
against them to {*filter*}.

Angry and sickened, Luzerne County District Justice Joseph Zola
reacted with outrage at the couple in his courtroom on Tuesday.
According to a report in a local newspaper, Zola looked at photographs
of the emaciated, 5-foot, 3-inch {*filter*}ager and said: "Did you see
these? Do you believe this? This is so bad. How can people do this?"

Hoffman told the judge that he was on disability for mental illness
and was "deeply sorry" for his actions. "I have no idea why I did it,"
he said.

In court papers, the couple admitted forcing the {*filter*}ager to stand in
a corner of their house for as long as 12 hours at a time. If he
moved, Hoffman would hit him, according to the affidavit of probable

Zola made the defendants stand in a corner of his courtroom throughout
Tuesday's hearing.

In Florida, Janice Goodman's brother, Charles Blanchard, said Miller
told them that his mother and stepfather had made him sign a paper
saying they had not starved or abused him.

"It's a shame that something like this could happen in this country.
I've never seen anybody who looked like that - never seen anybody in
that condition.

"Somebody begs for help, nobody helps him, and lets him starve like
that," Blanchard said, incredulously. "He begs for help and nobody

Blanchard and Goodman said that when young Miller went to his uncle's
house on Saturday, the uncle told him he couldn't stay. A friend of
the uncle's drove the youth to Goodman's apartment complex.

"He just happened to knock on her door," Blanchard said.

Goodman said Miller, who could barely stand, asked if he could come
in, have a shower and get some sleep. "I said, 'Come on in.' There was
no way you could turn your back on him."

Goodman then called her mother, who called police. Officers took one
look at Miller and called for an ambulance.

He was taken to the Santa Rosa (County) Medical Center. Goodman and
other members of her family visited him daily. Miller underwent
intestinal surgery and had to be revived Monday after his heart
stopped beating.

Goodman and her family said they had expected him to survive and were
shocked to learn of his death yesterday morning.

Police in Hazleton and Milton are trying to put together the details
of Miller's life and death.

According to Milton Police Detective Mike Daughtery, Miller said "he'd
been here about a week and a half. But right now, we're thinking he
wasn't in his right mind. We don't think he was here nearly that

Investigators believe that the Pennsylvania neglect started in May,
Harry said.

Two other children living with the couple in Hazleton were turned over
to a state social-service agency Tuesday, police said. They were in
good health.

Investigators said they had located Miller's birth father and planned
to interview him.

An autopsy will be conducted in Florida tomorrow. Luzerne County
District Attorney David Lupas said yesterday that he was sending
investigators to Milton to be on hand when the postmortem is

"It's awful," Lupas said. "It's one of the most horrible cases of
abuse I've ever seen."

Mon, 14 Mar 2005 19:36:28 GMT
 Jan spends her time warning people about amalgams .......


>Date: 9/26/02 4:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

> and ignores the welfare of truly needy children ......

I would be careful Joel. Making up these kind of lies might get you in trouble.



Tue, 15 Mar 2005 07:52:50 GMT
 Jan spends her time warning people about amalgams .......
Sue him Jan!  He's a lying bastard and needs to be stopped!  First it
started with a pro-amalgam campaign to kill, now it's lying about your
research and good name!  I have only 8 days before my apointment to get my
amalgams removed!  I had unanswered health problems,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so I
checked the teeth!  I also think I have a liver fluke because my father and
grand father both died of prostate cancer!  Jan, thank you for leading me to
the light!

Oh, and Jan--how whould I rid myself of liver flukes?  I'm trying a mixture
of vinegar, rubbing {*filter*} (I'm using the spearmint flavor), and amonia I
read about on one of the websites you posted, but I can't remember the
ingredient ratio!  I think it's 1:3:2, but I'm not sure... oh well, can't
hurt to experiment I guess!  Let me know if you remember how you did it OK
Jan?  Thanks!


> >Date: 9/26/02 4:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

> > and ignores the welfare of truly needy children ......

> I would be careful Joel. Making up these kind of lies might get you in


> Jan

Tue, 15 Mar 2005 10:32:03 GMT
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